Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The first three years of the child by Susan Weber

Seminar Duration: 10-14 March (5 days)

Location: Khon Kaen, Thailand

Tuition fee:  Bahts. 4200.00/person (including breaks and lunches and airport pick-up)    

For registrations:  please E-mail to:  abhinpon@hotmail.com
Tel: 66 86 302 0129               

Overview of the 5 day seminar 
Susan Weber will provide a five day course addressing Waldorf early 
childhood education's work with infants and very young children. 

The course will take up the themes of the developmental stages during this period of life, the central importance of the adult's relationship to the infant and young child, the physiological and spiritual role of rhythm, play as the primary learning modality during these years. 

Practical application of these themes will invite course participants to find ways to bring these concepts into their professional or family life. The additional inclusion of the work of pediatrician Emmi Pikler with infants and toddlers will be of special support to those in the medical field.  

                                               SUSAN WEBER is the Director of Sophia’s Hearth Family Center. She brings many years as a Waldorf early childhood teacher, public school teacher and administrator, Waldorf early childhood training coordinator at Antioch University New England, and adult educator. Susan is involved in international work in Waldorf early childhood teacher training. She has completed advanced training at the Pikler Institute in BudapestHungary. She regularly presents the work of Sophia’s Hearth Family Center – as well as themes relating to the very young child – at local, national and international conferences. She is the director of our two level  Waldorf early childhood professional development course.

Susan Weber from Sophia’s Hearth Family Center

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