Saturday, November 8, 2008

About CLAP preschool program

Early Years
Creative Learning, Active Play (CLAP) program

“A natural & wholesome preschool education with vegetarian meals”

Our Curriculum

Our program is structured to provide a gradual transition from life at home to life in Preschool. It is based on the simple, yet profound concepts of imitation, repetition, and creative play.In our program, your child will gradually become accustomed to working within a group, listening to stories, interacting with the teacher, and following a daily routine, while at the same time, being aided in his or her development as an individual through the encouragement of creative play, practical life skills and artistic opportunities.

The environment

Kampung Kasih Preschool provides a homely, friendly and safe environment to support the learning experiences of the young child. We allow children the freedom to play, discover and develop naturally without stress or pressure.

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