Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Parent-Children Playshop: Children Colourful Connection

Date: 9th Apr 2011 (Sat)
Time: 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Venue: The Golden Space Malaysia
No 27-2, Jalan PJU 5/20, The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603 6142 7218 or +6012 2924121 (contact person: Sky / Kok Soon)

Facilitator: Lisa Lee & assistants
Energy Exchange: Parent with one child = RM120 (additional charge of RM30 for additional child)

*Parent is limited to bring up to 2 children only for this Playshop
*Parents are encouraged to bring your children's favourite snacks, drinks and toys
*This Playshop is for children age from 3 to 12 only
*Playshop has a limit of 12 people including children
*10% of all proceeds will be donated to BlueBird Learning Links Bhd (BlueBird is a charity and non-profit organisation working in partnership with the government and families (including welfare homes) to assist children who have difficulty learning. They also create links between government, families and professionals to offer a multidisciplinary, all-encompassing community service.)

Many parents are frustrated in raising their children, and they don't have to be. Many parents wish they had a better relationship with their children, and they can. Traditionally we have been taught how to deal with children's behavior from the outside-in, when we really need to be looking and acting from the inside-out. All it takes is gaining an understanding and perspective and integrate parents and children from inside, creating harmonious relationship. But what does this really mean?

Parents understandably want their children to behave well. Parents have learned to try to make this happen in various ways: some through use of consequences; some through use of punishment; some through rewards, some through other parenting skills, such as communication. Most consist of doing something to or with children from the outside in hopes that our children's behavior will change. However, if we really want to be effective in raising our children and parenting most successfully, it is important to understand the internal process that creates and changes their (and our own, as parents) behavior in the first place.
By deeply understanding the children, all parents can have far better relationships with their children. All parents have the capability to turn destructive relationships into healthy relationships. Further, parents who already have decent relationships with their children can make those relationships blossom and become even better, the way most parents dream it could be.

Relationships of children with their parents strongly affect their behaviour and interaction and connection with their environment, including their social skills, learning abilities and development.

Children should learn to be guided by their own inner wisdom as they grow and develop. And parents should learn to be guided by our own inner wisdom in raising them. We all have the potential to live a balanced and joy-filled life. We all can make a difference in our children's futures, manifest our own dreams, and create a soulful home. Spiritual and soulful parenting can only occur when we expand our awareness to include our children's vivid inner lives. When we approach our kids as grand spiritual beings housed in little bodies, we are parenting spiritually and soulfully. This is an authentic and honest way of interacting with our children day to day.

One of the ways to connect to the children's inner light is through colour connection. Colour absolutely affects our lives and our children's development, when colour is chosen with a purpose we create a balanced, harmonious environment where children can claim their birthright and reach their full potential.
Children's learning, mood, concentration and behaviour can all be affected by the colours around them. We all have a responsibility to ensure that our children are thriving in an early learning environment that will nurture and foster their development and independence.

We have developed a series of Parent-Children Playshops where parents learn to connect with their children from inside creating a soulful home. Our next Playshop is Children Colour Connection where parents and children are encouraged to open their hearts using colours.
In this Playshop, parents will be:

  • working with colours for a heart connection with your children
  • discovering your alignment and connectivity with your children
  • discovering if you are working with your children from outside-in or inside-out
  • discussing issues and challenges with your children with our Practitioners

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